Safer, Smarter & More Profitable School Kitchens.

Our solid background in this area is backed up by years of results that prove not only financial benefits – but sociocultural benefits too.

System Features

  • In-school meal ordering
  • Parent online ordering
  • Kitchen management
  • QA forms for catering & cleaning
  • Staff management
  • School office management

Top-level Benefits

The following directly impacts efficiency and efficacy – and therefore profitability – in a school.

  • Promotes increased meal uptake
  • Reduces paperwork with an online system for all parties
  • Removes the risk associated with handling cash
  • Provides accurate meal numbers
  • Delegates allergen responsibility to parents
  • Speeds up the entire process
  • Reduces waste

Positive Changes in the School Environment

  • Creates better communication with parents
  • Improves relationships between pupils and kitchen staff
  • Encourages child participation in meal selection

System Demonstration

For demonstrations of the system please visit our YouTube channel.

For more information

For more information regarding Evolve 4 Schools email us at or call our sales department on +44 (0)1606 302059.
Our team is always on hand to provide their expertise. 

Pupil Engagement

Giving students the chance to engage with heir schools meals, providing choice and responsibility to pupils.

Supporting Councils

The pressure on Councils and Schools to provide children with nutritional meals, that are also tailored to dietary and allergen needs.

Supporting Parents

Evolve 4 Schools allows parents to more easily monitor the meals their children eat at school, as well as cost and managing allergen details.