The software allows kitchen staff to build a stronger relationship with students becoming familiar with students’ names and orders.

Furthermore, the system also ensures that every student gets the meal they ordered, meaning no need to send children up by year group or any other organisation system.

The online ordering and menu allow students with their Parents/Guardians to take responsibility for their choice of food, to have control over what they eat and pick choices they will enjoy.

Relationship Benefits

  • Improves relationships between kitchen staff & pupils
  • Removes risk/reliance on notes/photos for allergen control & provides evidence of due diligence
  • Every child gets their choice no need to rotate classes
  • Speeds up meal service – point of decision moved
  • Reduces waste

Educational Benefits

  • Interaction with real world technology
  • Taking responsibility for choices
  • Help to recognise names

System Demonstration

For demonstrations of the system please visit our YouTube channel.

For more information

For more information regarding Evolve 4 Schools email us at or call our sales department on +44 (0)1606 302059.
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Supporting Councils

The pressure on Councils and Schools to provide children with nutritional meals, that are also tailored to dietary and allergen needs.

Supporting Parents

Evolve 4 Schools allows parents to more easily monitor the meals their children eat at school, as well as cost and managing allergen details.

The School Kitchen

Focusing on streamlined automation, Evolve4 transforms food handling across the education sector.