The pressure on Councils and Schools to provide children with nutritional meals, that are also tailored to dietary and allergen needs.

Evolve 4 Schools offers a system that can support this process, taking care of a lot of management, including menus, ordering and purchasing. Furthermore the responsibility for dietary and allergen information is shifted to parents. Once on the system these requirements are tracked, ensuring that each student will be able to get the meal they ordered.

Evolve 4 Schools can provide a simpler solution that automates much of the process for school meals, while also providing cost effective quality meals.

System Demonstration

For demonstrations of the system please visit our YouTube channel.

For more information

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Pupil Engagement

Giving students the chance to engage with heir schools meals, providing choice and responsibility to pupils.

Supporting Parents

Evolve 4 Schools allows parents to more easily monitor the meals their children eat at school, as well as cost and managing allergen details.

The School Kitchen

Focusing on streamlined automation, Evolve4 transforms food handling across the education sector.