Kings Road Primary School in Firswood, Manchester, has been reaping the benefits of using the Evolve Smart Catering System for schools, gaining positive feedback from both parents and school staff alike.

The problem:

The school were finding time spent on the administration around school lunches extremely time consuming. Calculating students’ allergens and food requirements coupled with chasing parent payments and monies owing was an arduous task. Not having a catering management system in place meant that missed payments from parents led to long standing parent debts that staff had to spend time chasing up. Not only that, but unwanted food was going to waste.

The solution:

Kings Road implemented the Evolve Smart Catering System which allowed school lunches to go digital. This has meant that parents now order and pay for their child’s lunches online, and that students are guaranteed to get the meal that they ordered.

The results:

Food waste has been dramatically reduced and the heavy admin work for school staff has been eliminated. The school liked it so much that they also now use it for school trip payments. Despite initial reservations from the school on how parents would react to the changes and whether they would embrace the Evolve 4 system, it has also been a hit with parents.

Customer quote:

“School staff have found the Evolve 4 system straightforward to use and the allergen control safeguarding is reassuring. It has had a positive impact on parents who like to see what their children will eat, and they can anticipate what they will like. It has helped us strive to avoid excessive food waste as orders are being placed in advance.

“The customer service team went above and beyond during the set up and roll out of the system and if we ever have any queries, it’s easy to get any help that we need.

“We liked the system so much that we now also use it for school trip payments – keeping everything in one place makes things much easier and having the system has meant a reduction in parents’ debt to us because they pay as they order.”