We’re happy to be introducing another member of our brilliant Evolve team.

In our latest ‘Meet the Team’ instalment, we’ll be getting to know our programme manager, Tony Williams. Tony has been our key software developer for over half a decade and plays a vital role in ensuring that Evolve’s cutting-edge programmes meet the needs of our valued customers.

Find out more about our software expert, Tony…

Tony’s career

Tony’s experience writing software spans across four decades, having begun back in the 1980s writing and developing video games.

In fact, one of his career highlights came when he created and developed the puzzle video game Fruitfall, which was subsequently released for various game consoles.

He has also gone on to write for Windows applications using the programming language script C++, as well as web applications in .NET, php and Java scripts.

Prior to joining Evolve, Tony took on several freelancing roles which saw him work across several programming systems.

A day in the life of a programme manager

A typical day as a programme manager at Evolve begins with Tony and his team planning out how to tackle their tasks most effectively. These can be anything from resource planning, which ensures that we use our software in the most effective way for ongoing projects, to new system developments.

Tony will also often be involved in key meetings with both clients and suppliers, who are central to Evolve’s operations.

A crucial element of the role is providing phone and email support to Evolve’s customers, which is something that is of paramount importance to Tony and his team.

What makes a good software developer?

Tony believes that the central attributes of a software developer are being adaptable and ready to solve any problems, particularly ones faced by clients while using Evolve software in their business or school.

He says: “Having had so many years in software development you do have a sixth sense because I know at least some of the problems to expect before they happen.”

These skills and characteristics are essential for Tony and his team as it is important that they provide the high-quality service that Evolve customers have come to expect, no matter how challenging the circumstances. 

Tony said: “Recently, we took on a very demanding project for a huge international company, and it was quite an achievement for our team to complete.”

Why Evolve?

Working at Evolve provides Tony with an invigorating challenge that he relishes taking on each day.

Indeed, he takes a great deal of satisfaction from being confronted with a problem and being able to provide a timely and effective solution to ensure that all client needs are met.

Additionally, Tony loves being a part of a thriving industry and says that the food industry plays a very important role in everybody’s life.

“To play a small part in improving production efficiency, allergen control and waste reduction is a very rewarding career.”

Tony also admits the fact that he gets to work with such a great bunch of people is a perk too!

A Greek Island-Loving Musician

When he’s not coming up with superb software solutions, Tony pursues his passion for music by playing bass and guitar in a band.

His holiday destination of choice is the beautiful Greek islands, particularly Kefalonia, and he has loved visiting so much over the last 30 years that he has taken to learning the language!